Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Make an Arduino Solar Tracker : Part 1

In the next couple of days i will be making an arduino solar tracker. The is the first post in the series of posts in which i show you how to make an arduino solar tracker

What Are Solar Trackers?

It is a well known fact that solar panels give maximum power when the incident ray from the sun hits the solar panel perpendicularly. Hence if a solar panel is kept along the ground, it will give maximum output during the noon when the solar radiation is maximum and the suns rays strike it perpendicularly. 

solar panel output
Formula for calculating solar output

This is where solar trackers come in. Solar trackers follow the sun, just like a mechanical sunflower. I will be building a single axis arduino powered solar tracker which tilts the solar panel in the direction of the sun. Using a solar tracker increases the output of a solar panel by 50 to 60 percent although it may not be practical at all scales and sizes.


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